Aristo Developers: Best Property Development Team Cyprus 2020


The island nation of Cyprus is known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean. It sits at the crossroads of three continents and has hosted visitors from the days of ancient empires to 21st century tourists and expats. Aristo Developers was founded shortly after the island achieved independence, and over its 40-year history has established itself as a preferred partner for residential and commercial projects. It’s one of the largest private landowners on the island, and the first Cyprus developer to build and own golf resorts, educational institutions, shopping centres and theme parks. Aristo Developers promotes the attractive investment opportunities Cyprus offers to local home-buyers and international entrepreneurs. A property purchase in Cyprus of €300,000 or more opens a path to permanent residency for investors and their families (including parents). One visit every two years is required to maintain that residency: a small ask, as Cyprus is known for its landscapes and rich cultural history. It also offers excellent access to mainland Europe and the EU. The company specialises in working with foreign investors and has handed the keys to thousands of satisfied homeowners. It has built autonomous teams and established a global network of more than 1,500 international associates. Aristo Developers has shaped the history of Cyprus real estate — and is committed to the future. The judging panel congratulates Aristo Developers, winner of the 2020 award for Best Property Development Team (Cyprus).

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