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SilverCross Investment Management: Best ESG Global Small-Cap Fund Manager Netherlands 2023

SilverCross Investment Management, part of IBS Fund Management, is a Dutch investment management firm that invests in financially sound, ESG-driven global small-cap companies. SilverCross Investment Management places ethical business principles at the forefront of its operations. It conducts extensive due

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Vallstein: Best Bank Relationship Management Solutions Global 2018

Founded almost twenty years ago on the premise that the rapport between clients and their banks usually offers plenty room for improvement, Vallstein of The Netherlands has developed WalletSizing – a comprehensive bank relationship management (BRM) system that increases transparency

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Delen Private Bank: Best Digital Private Bank Belgium 2017

Some private banks have been slow to embrace the digital era. Not so at Belgium’s Delen Private Bank, recognised as a trailblazer in harnessing the power of IT to deliver a superior private banking product, with the attendant excellence in

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Steward Redqueen: Best Emerging Markets ESG Advisory Team Global 2015

Incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) parameters into day-to-day business operations constitutes a classic case of easier-said-than-done. Though a great many companies are eager to comply, and recognise the paramount importance of putting their processes and operations on a sustainable

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