SilverCross Investment Management: Best ESG Global Small-Cap Fund Manager Netherlands 2023


SilverCross Investment Management, part of IBS Fund Management, is a Dutch investment management firm that invests in financially sound, ESG-driven global small-cap companies.

SilverCross Investment Management places ethical business principles at the forefront of its operations. It conducts extensive due diligence on prospective investments, supplementing the scarce ESG coverage of small-cap companies with its own proprietary four-step research process. SilverCross targets companies that strive for responsible corporate citizenship and have a market cap between €250m and €5bn at the time of initial investment. SilverCross invests with a time horizon of at least five-years and works with its portfolio companies to deliver long-term, benchmark-beating returns and create lasting positive impacts. It doesn’t invest in industries that adversely impact people’s health, like tobacco or alcohol. The firm invests in about 30 companies and engages with each one from a long-term ownership perspective. SilverCross works with the management teams of investee companies to create sustainable success for their stakeholders, which includes society at large. If any of SilverCross’ portfolio companies fall out of line with its belief system, the firm encourages a course correction. SilverCross exercises its voting and proxy voting rights in support of sustainable business practices. It will divest from companies persistently delivering poor ESG performance despite engagement efforts. SilverCross believes people, planet and profit go hand in hand.

The judging panel announces SilverCross Investment Management as the winner of the 2023 award for Best ESG Global Small-Cap Fund Manager (Netherlands).

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