FLI Global Ltd: Best Environmental Solutions Partner Europe 2020

FLI Global Michael Flynn Award

Group Executive Chairman & CEO: Michael Flynn

FLI Global is more than an environmental solutions provider: it helps to reframe uncertainty and change as opportunities for growth and evolution leveraging its entrepreneurial roots and resilience as it transitions to being a global organisation. The company considers sustainability from a broad perspective encompassing environmental as well as social issues, such as remediating brownfield land,thereby creating new land and new opportunities to build homes on previously used land in a true circular economy re-use of a valuable resource, where land is remediated, made safe, brought back to new land value and repurposed. It partners with clients to develop innovative solutions that deliver reductions in carbon footprint and cost, protect ecosystems and promote circular economies in water re-use and land re-use while protecting our environment through creative solutions and value engineering.

FLI Global’s network includes headquarters and two offices in Ireland, six offices in the UK (its biggest market) ,two offices in France and a new office in Shanghai China. While these are FLI Global’s core markets, it works with private and public sector clients from around the world on a project by project basis. FLI Global gravitates towards geographies and organisations that prioritise sustainability, operate to high environmental standards and who share the FLI Global view that the environment belongs to us all and it is our collective responsibility to protect it for the next generation. FLI clients are focused on achieving and exceeding the three core objectives of ESG regulatory requirements when it comes to responsible investing and development within their business sectors.

The FLI Group was founded in 1987 by Michael Flynn, the entrepreneur, project manager and mentor who remains a majority shareholder and is the Executive Chairman of FLI Global. The company has moved beyond its original focus — geosynthetic engineering solutions for engineered landfills and mining — through a process of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The scope has expanded to include specialist environmental services and technologies in the sectors of water, waste, wastewater, offsite precast concrete modular design and manufacturing in a range of sectors, gelatin recovery, zero leakage discharge, renewable energy and contaminated land remediation and regeneration. Positive stakeholder feedback and a healthy stream of repeat business suggest that FLI Global has cracked the formula for sustainable and profitable partnerships. The CFI.co judging panel recognises the contributions of FLI Global with the 2020 Best Environmental Solutions Partner (Europe) award.