El Corte Ingles: Best ESG Responsible Retailer Spain 2020

Bernardo Cruza Martos, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Director at El Corte Inglés (left) and Óscar Fernández de Llano, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at El Corte Inglés (right)

Bernardo Cruza Martos CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Director at El Corte Inglés (left) and Óscar Fernández de Llano CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at El Corte Inglés (right)

Founded in Madrid in 1940, El Corte Ingles boasts exceptional customer service, an everything-under-one-roof product line, and a massive national presence. The company provides gainful employment to more than 88,000 people and reported a turnover of €15.3bn for 2019. El Corte Ingles takes a five-pronged approach to sustainability: employees, customers, value and supply chains, environment, and society. The retailer has achieved notable milestones along its journey. El Corte Ingles has developed a CSR strategy with more than 100,000 sustainability references — and that figure continues to grow. The €2bn credit line it launched this year was listed as the sixth-largest in 2020’s global sustainability ranking. El Corte Ingles distinguished itself as the first retailer to be granted Zero Waste Certification by AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation. The retailer collaborates with trade associations and promotes initiatives that contribute to climate action, discourage “fast-fashion” practices and support responsible forest management. Viajes El Corte Ingles, the brand’s travel agency, offers a range of sustainable tourism packages. Besides, Seguros El Corte Inglés – which is the firm’s insurance company -offers an innovative life insurance, “Vida Movida”, the first life insurance that rewards people who care about their wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. El Corte Ingles is working towards a climate change target of net-zero emissions and no waste across its operations. The retailer is also looking to open its e-commerce market to international consumers in the near future. For a company with strong community ties and a history of responsible conduct, the CFI.co judging panel declares El Corte Ingles as winner of the 2020 Best ESG Responsible Retailer (Spain) award.

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