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Nordea Asset Management: Best ESG Investment Process Europe 2017

Delivering solid returns responsibly. Nordea Asset Management strives – and succeeds – to optimise financial returns with responsibility. Nordea Asset Management continues to integrate ESG analysis into the investment processes and also continue to develop and run specialized ESG products.

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Peabody: Best ESG-Responsible Mining Company Global 2017

Though environmental concerns will alter the energy mix, fossil fuels – for now – remain essential to ensure the reliability, continuity, and scalability of supply. In fact, fossil fuels satisfy up to 80% of global primary energy demand and coal

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FundCalibre: Best Investment Fund Research United Kingdom 2016

In a universe of more than 3,000 funds available to UK investors, FundCalibre gives its Elite Rating to only around 150. With an in-house research team that boasts more than 50 years of expertise, the ratings house meets hundreds of

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Nordea Asset Management: Best ESG Investment Process Europe 2016

The largest retail fund provider of the Nordic countries, Nordea Asset Management has over €215 billion in assets under management. As part of the Wealth Management business area within the Nordea Group – the leading financial services provider in the

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UBS: Best Green Bank Switzerland

An increasing number of businesses, including banks, are adapting their corporate structures and processes to incorporate sustainability principles and reduce their CO2 footprint. Taking the lead, and setting an example, UBS has rewritten its entire long-term corporate strategy to fully

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Nordea Asset Management: Best ESG Investment Process Europe 2015

Millions of customers entrust Nordea Asset Management not only with the management of their investments, but also with ensuring that the funds are invested in a responsible fashion. Investors increasingly demand their funds be used in ways that promote the

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