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Kount: Best AI-Powered Chargeback Protection Global 2020

Digital innovations are opening a realm of possibilities once confined to science fiction – but sometimes accompanied by risk. US-based firm Kount develops comprehensive fraud-prevention solutions powered by AI and machine learning. The company has deep domain expertise, with 30+

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Fineon Exchange: Most Innovative Trade Finance Platform Global 2020

For any exporter struggling to find organic growth in emerging markets, Fineon Exchange Marketplace has the solution. Fineon is an AI-powered trade finance platform where exporters, financers and insurers are connected to seize opportunities. Fineon has created an ecosystem that

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MindMaze: Best AI & Mixed Reality Team Global 2019

Switzerland’s first “unicorn” company, MindMaze, transforms futuristic possibilities into today’s reality. The company is an innovative disruptor with extensive knowledge and experience in neuroscience, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence (AI). MindMaze has developed a breakthrough neuro-inspired computing platform that enables

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