Fineon Exchange: Most Innovative Trade Finance Platform Global 2020

Fineon Exchange

For any exporter struggling to find organic growth in emerging markets, Fineon Exchange Marketplace has the solution. Fineon is an AI-powered trade finance platform where exporters, financers and insurers are connected to seize opportunities. Fineon has created an ecosystem that has benefits for all stakeholders, serving as a one-stop shop for the trade finance industry. Embedded artificial intelligence capabilities deliver transparency of provider offers and exporter profiles. The company estimates 40 percent of trade finance rejections are caused by risk data that are inadequate for proper assessment. It deploys rating algorithms to allow exporters to build and broadcast their credit standings. The platform’s AI advisor guides exporters towards case-specific solutions to drive business and optimise working capital. Fineon Exchange forges partnerships with local chambers of commerce, international governments and leading industry figures — such as the global credit insurance broker Aon, which serves as Fineon’s exclusive insurance gateway. This partnership brings together the key industry players in one symbiotic group for shared success. Fineon presents exporters with selected provider offers based on precisely matched criteria rather than sending out a deluge of results which may — or may not — be relevant. Matchmaking is Fineon’s core business skill, which it achieves by holding true to its corporate values of integrity, dedication, creativity, and intellectual vigour. The judging panel recognises Fineon Exchange as an industry pioneer, and presents the company with the 2020 global award for the Most Innovative Trade Finance Platform.

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