Active Capital Reinsurance Ltd: Best Specialised Reinsurance Solutions Global 2021 & Best Reinsurer Emerging Markets 2021


Juan Antonio Niño P., the founder and president of Active Capital Reinsurance Ltd (Active Re), says the history of the company, founded in 2007, has spanned a time of “transcendental” change in global economics. Active Re has flourished due to a focus on diversification and expansion in challenging times. The company, with headquarters in Barbados, and representation offices in Miami, Panama and Madrid, operates in more than 100 countries in Latin America, Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Its mission – “benefits for all” – has guided its strategy since inception, delivering reinsurance solutions and comprehensive risk management for clients. It has stepped up diversification, expanding into new markets and increasing product offerings. Active Re achieved its first international investment grade in 2014. In 2018 it was upgraded by the credit rating agency, AM Best, with an A- (excellent) which has since reaffirmed Active Re’s financial strength rating, putting it in a select group of global companies. While there are many challenges on the horizon, Active Re’s vision is to reinforce its role as a specialised and innovative reinsurer, with plans to improve even further its rating, increase its capitalisation and financial strength, as well as investing in technology, applying analytical tools to create solutions which add tangible value and benefits to customers. The company has won many awards since its foundation, including recognition from the judging panel. In 2021, for the second consecutive year, the panel is pleased to once again present two awards, Best Specialised Reinsurance Solutions Global, and Best Reinsurer Emerging Markets.