Megalabs: Best Healthcare Rebrand Latin America 2019


Over the past 25 years, Latin American pharmaceutical titan Megalabs has built an empire by adapting well, driving innovation, honouring commitments, and prioritising people. Megalabs’ operations are at the Science Park of Uruguay’s Free Trade Zone and feature a chic corporate headquarters, cutting-edge pharmaceutical plant, R&D centre, and a logistical specialist. Previously known as Mega Pharma, the company is undergoing a rebrand and consolidating production and R&D under the new, unified Megalabs identity. The company considers its production plant as the emblem of its innovative vision. The Megalabs plant, which inspired the new corporate denomination, is the most advanced pharmaceutical producer in Latin America. The 22,000m2 facility is the result of a $110m investment, combining modern technology with precise industrial practices to produce more than 75 million units annually. The R&D Centre transforms ideas into action, deploying a team of chemical and pharmacological experts that lead, manage, and develop as many as 20 initiatives each year. The centre was meticulously planned according to the concept of Quality by Design (QbD), which aims to improve the performance of the final product — ensuring consumers receive the safest and most effective medical products. This is achieved by structuring production processes according to pre-defined objectives based on solid science, management, and risk control. The Megalabs campus was designed to self-manage energy and water resources and comply with international WHO, BMP, and Leed’s standards — an investment of over $90m. The company, which enjoys a leading market position in Latin America and a growing foothold in international markets, anticipates biomedicine becoming big business any time soon. The judging panel applauds the company’s innovation and vision and presents Megalabs with the 2019 award for Best Healthcare Rebrand (Latin America).

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