MAC SA: Best Stockbroker Tunisia 2023


MAC SA is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Over the decades, the Tunisian company has developed a multidisciplinary offering including stock market brokerage, asset management, corporate finance, investment research and recently private equity. Today MAC SA has become an independent financial group operating both in Tunisia and West Africa. The company has opted for total independence of its capital to continue to provide its advisory in neutrality and objectivity and away from conflicts of interest to better meet the needs of its clients. Its accessibility, customer proximity and mission-driven focus are key competencies that help MAC SA meet – and exceed- expectations. It has helped to Tunisian financial market development and accompanied Tunisian companies in their development strategies through IPOs, fundraising, bond loans, public tender offers, etc…

Always close to its clients, MAC SA deploys a dedicated front office team to execute trading operations on the Tunis stock exchange while providing clients with an online trading platform to track the best opportunities on the market, check their accounts in real time and place orders instantly.

With more than $300 million of assets under management, MAC SA is also one of the leading asset management houses in Tunisian offering several mutual funds and unit trusts with different risk levels and various investment horizons.

Backed by its management team and led by Mr Mourad Ben Chaabane, who was recently re-elected chairman of the Tunis stock exchange for the third consecutive time, MAC SA enjoys a solid reputation, a recognized track record and a confirmed expertise. Assets that will enable it to face the future calmly and conquer new markets.

The judging panel announces MAC SA — a repeat programme champion — as the 2023 award winner for Best Stockbroker (Tunisia).