MAC SA: Best Asset Management Team Tunisia 2023


As a consulting and financial services company, MAC SA is a leading company in the Tunisian financial market. Offering state-of-the-art services in the fields of stock exchange, corporate finance and asset management, MAC SA is pleased today with its strong reputation acquired for more than three decades and proud on the role it has played in Tunisia’s socio-economic development.

Close to its customers, and constantly aware of the opportunities and constraints of the market, MAC SA always offers the best tailored solutions that meet the needs of its customers in terms of risk profile and investment horizon. Today, MAC SA is totalling more than $ 300 million of assets under management through several mutual funds and bond unit trusts.

Its flagship collective management product, FIDELITY SICAV PLUS has achieved the best performance since 2019, with a cumulative return of 30.9% (over 2019-2022 period). This performance is the result of a well-established investment strategy and a team of successful managers. Moreover, this SICAV was the winner, two years in a row, of the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards, in MENA markets. The success of FIDELITY SICAV PLUS in Tunisia is due to its low level of risk, high liquidity, advantageous taxation, and free fees.

Aware of its role in overcoming the crisis and being an active player in the Tunisian economic development, MAC SA is in the process of acquiring approval to launch its first real estate fund, under a very innovative model for the Tunisian market to meet the needs of several investors. The judging panel presents repeat programme winner MAC SA with the 2023 award winner for Best Asset Management Team (Tunisia).