Frost Consulting: Best Financial Regulatory Risk Management Advisory United Kingdom 2016


Far from static, the world’s financial markets are in a near-constant state of flux. More often than not, the nature of change is revolutionary rather than evolutionary. Investors and their portfolios are subject to regulatory upheaval – and opportunity – as authorities aim to address the latest threats – real or otherwise – to the wider market.

Frost Consulting, established in 2008, monitors global regulatory trends for upcoming changes and charts their implications, thus allowing clients to adapt by increasing the efficiency of their research spending. The London firm is at the forefront of the move towards the unbundling of commissions which has profound effects on the economics of the institutional equity business.

By splitting commissions into their two component parts – execution (transaction costs) and non-execution (research) – regulatory entities are reshaping the market and breaking the monopoly of big investment banks that were up until now the only ones able to offer asset managers both trade execution and market research.

By allowing asset managers to buy research directly, using their clients’ money, the content universe has expanded significantly. This allows, amongst others, the generation of more alpha from a broader research spectrum with lower costs to asset managers and asset owners.
Frost Consulting enables investors to benefit from these and other regulatory changes, facilitating access to wider research and exploring synergies between asset classes. The judging panel recognises the importance of this all-inclusive approach. The judges are pleased to offer Frost Consulting the 2016 Best Financial Regulatory Risk Management Advisory UK Award.

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