CORDET: Best Alternative Credit Investor UK 2023


Over the past decade, CORDET has originated more than €55bn and deployed over €750m across two funds, 35 transactions and 15 companies. The UK-based firm provides promising smaller mid-cap companies with the capital and guidance to spark transformational growth. CORDET’s financing solutions also offer attractive risk-adjusted returns for institutional investors. It targets Northern European companies with up to €20m in EBITDA and sectors where it has proven expertise, such as business services, technology, healthcare, financials, consumer, education and industrial. The team levers deep industry experience to pursue an “all-weather” approach to investing. The firm is employee owned and interest aligned, as team members are also co-investors. The CORDET portfolio has delivered demonstratively positive performance over the past year, with solid results from both funds. There were 16 new transactions, including the firm’s first investments in the Netherlands and Austria. It continues to build on the strong momentum achieved in 2022 by focusing on talent recruitment and development. CORDET ranks are swelling, and women now make up a third of the team. All employees receive ongoing ESG training. The firm has tweaked some internal procedures and systems to ensure maximum efficiency and maintain a sharp competitive edge. It fortifies investor relations with comprehensive communication of current and relevant information. Testimonials from borrowers speak of the firm less as a lender and more as a long-term financing partner. The judging panel presents repeat programme winner CORDET with the 2023 award for Best Alternative Credit Investor (UK).