ARMANEXT: Best SME & REIT Listing Advisor Europe 2023


ARMANEXT has accomplished several noteworthy milestones in the short span since its 2008 inception. The Madrid-based markets listing sponsor is authorised by Europe’s top stock exchanges to provide listing and associated advisory services for SMEs and SOCIMIs (the Spanish equivalent to REITs). It has helped more than 60 SMEs and REITs to register on the stock market and take advantage of the competitive tax benefits REITs affords. ARMANEXT helps SMEs chart growth and expansion plans within securities markets, assisting with admission requirements, regulatory compliance, optimisation analysis and ESG strategies. It advocates for responsible investment practices and encourages businesses to consider going public for improved capitalisation, liquidity and acquisition opportunities. ARMANEXT streamlines the listing process for companies and real estate funds looking to incorporate onto the Euronext, BME Growth and BME Scaleup stock markets. It was the listing sponsor for the largest REIT on the BME Growth and the second largest REIT in Spain with €3.6bn market capitalisation. The Spanish company serves as an ideal gateway for clients from Latin America to enter the European market. ARMANEXT’s SME and REIT specialisation and highly experienced advisory team have earned increasing international visibility, with proposal solicitations ranging from Austria and Singapore to the UK. In addition to listing services, ARMANEXT has expanded the advisory suite to include fundraising, investor relations, corporate operations and legal counsel. The judging panel announces ARMANEXT as the2023 award winner for Best SME & REIT Listing Advisory (Europe).