Murdoch Asset Management: Best Investment Management Solutions UK 2022

Murdoch Asset Management

Murdoch Asset Management was one of the first firms to join Independent Wealth Planners UK (IWP), a long-term investor dedicated to building and providing scale to Britain’s independent financial advisory (IFA) firms. Murdoch celebrated its 30-year anniversary shortly after the IWP acquisition. Murdoch’s managing director, Chris Birch, says the IWP partnership has delivered numerous benefits, including improved tech infrastructure, an advisor academy and an HR function helping to promote from within. IWP provides the support; firms retain their autonomy. Three new IFA firms — Custodian Wealth Management, Encompass Financial Management and Omnium Wealth Management — have joined the IWP family, with Murdoch heading the Hampshire and Surrey operations. Murdoch envisions the region as a hub with three fully integrated spokes. They’re in the process of merging investment committees and routing the planning through Murdoch, but the firms will maintain their own brand, advisors and clients. Murdoch has grown the funds under its management from £30.3m in 1991 to £619.8m in 2021. The firm achieved strong recovery in 2021 from the pandemic slump. But team members aren’t resting on their laurels — they’re gearing up for a big brand push and a full season of seminars. Murdoch has 12 advisory seminars planned, four each in autumn, spring and summer. The firm has also redesigned its website to simplify the visitor journey and highlight the personal contact available through multiple offices. The judging panel presents repeat programme winner Murdoch Asset Management with the 2022 award for Best Investment Management Solutions (UK).

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