AVL: Best Mobility Tech & Engineering Innovator Global 2021


AVL has been driving mobility innovation for more than seven decades. It embraces the changes occurring throughout the automotive industry and shapes future mobility trends through active R&D investments. AVL directed 12 percent of 2020 turnover (€1.7bn) towards R&D, leaving the group well positioned to weather the pandemic. Headquartered in Austria, AVL is supported by a global workforce exceeding 11,000 employees. The private company was able to maintain full ranks, and staff responded to pandemic pressures with a surge of creativity and initiative. AVL introduced new patents, products and services last year — while much of the competition was merely treading water. AVL is a mobility tech powerhouse with a comprehensive range of solutions, including engineering, testing, simulation technologies, manufacturing, development speed and methodology. The group aims to accelerate a carbon-neutral future by pioneering affordable technologies that effectively reduce emissions. It pursues sustainable mobility advancements together with an international network encompassing 26 countries and 45 AVL Tech and Engineering Centres. It is paving the way for automated and connected mobility through investments in digitalisation and advanced driver-assistance systems. AVL was founded in 1948 by Austrian technical scientist, inventor and entrepreneur Hans List. The group has been run by the founder’s son, AVL chairman and CEO Helmut List, since 1979. The CFI.co judging panel has recognised AVL in previous awards programmes and is pleased to see continued cause for celebration. AVL claims 2021 global bragging rights for Best Mobility Tech & Engineering Innovator.