Victor Buck Services: Best Business Process Outsourcing Services Luxembourg 2020

Victor Buck Services

The global financial industry continues to consolidate to an ever-smaller handful of multi-talented players. Victor Buck Services began as a Luxembourg print shop 20 years ago and has evolved into a specialist global network also offering physical delivery solutions in Europe and Asia. Its offer covers every aspect of data processing, from creation, translation and distribution through to archival and disposal. Data is collected and compiled in a compatible format for use across various client systems. Victor Buck Services customers include large companies in the financial sector, mainly investment funds, but also public utilities, telecommunications providers, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and other major organisations from the public and private sectors. Security and control of the dissemination and accessibility of data are key in an increasingly connected world. The firm pledges to create long-term value for its customers, by constantly improving their understanding of their business environment and their strengths. Victor Buck Services responds proactively to changing market trends and customer needs. The judging panel presents Victor Buck Services with the 2020 award for Best Business Process Outsourcing Services (Luxembourg).

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