Mercedes-Benz: Best Automotive Branding Europe 2021


Das beste oder nichts – the best or nothing, a powerful slogan which defines the Mercedes-Benz philosophy. When the global pandemic forced the company to close its spectacular, nine-floor museum in Stuttgart, which tells the history of the company from 1886 to the present day, website visitors were offered an impressive virtual tour instead. It’s just one example of the company’s dedication to customer service, which it believes is at the heart of the global success of the Mercedes-Benz brand. In 2020 the company sold more than two million cars and 375,000 vans. But pride in the brand isn’t just encouraged with customers – it is also fostered among the company’s 173,000 employees worldwide. Mercedes-Benz believes the strength of a brand is maintained by exceptional customer support, but that this can only be achieved when the workforce is inspired by, and committed to, the brand itself. The company works hard to ensure that its workforce is fully engaged, living and breathing the brand. The company has five key objectives to keep its brand strong: innovation, performance, design, safety and the environment. Researchers and engineers are occupied in numerous initiatives to create the technology required for a new, more environmentally-friendly automotive future, including innovations in electric vehicles and next generation battery development. With 35 production sites on four continents, the company is gearing up to meet the needs of that future. The judging panel acknowledges the company’s commitment to branding, and is happy to present Mercedes-Benz with the 2021 award, Best Automotive Branding Europe.

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