Eagle Technology AS: Best Sustainable Technology Value Creation Europe 2021

Eagle Technology AS

Norway’s Eagle Technology has an origin story that’s been 95 years in the making, fuelling growth through engineering, business development and M&A.

The company has achieved a technological advantage through years of continuous development in some of the world’s strictest regulatory environments. Since 2014, it has focused on the development of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient system solutions, providing engineering products and services globally.

Expansion is under way in Bosnia, where a new factory is being constructed. The company has onboarded 60  employees, 20 of them engineers. Clients rely on Eagle’s competitive pricing and high standards for design, documentation, and production in offshore, marine and land-based industries.

By the daughter company, Due Miljoe, it has patented technology to refine raw bio-marine material into fat free product called fish protein isolate (FPI). The process relies on sequential molecular membrane separation, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration. The FPI process retains more than 80 percent of the protein while removing salt, fat, taste and odour. The technology promises energy consumption savings for the end-user which is documented by CAPEX/OPEX benefits and meets bio-marine environmental regulations.

The first edition of mobile test lab unit, which will be operating at a customer site, is available in the market 1st Q of 2022. It will mainly be used to demonstrate production of FPI from marine residual raw material and additionally be able to conduct tests that produces data essential for scaling up production.

Eagle Technology first registered on the CFI.co radar for its ability to harness advanced technology to protect environmental resources and combat food scarcity. The judging panel has been impressed by the company’s continued focus during the pandemic and presents Eagle Technology — a repeat winner — with the 2021 award for Best Sustainable Technology Value Creation (Europe).