Decathlon: Best Sports Branding France 2021


An online reviewer, testing a pair of running shoes, says: “If you’re looking for a decent shoe for cross-country but don’t have a massive budget, these should be on your radar. At £50 they’re a fraction of the cost of their rivals, yet the performance would never suggest that.” That, in a nutshell, describes Decathlon’s fundamental brand objective – the best quality at the lowest price. Decathlon started life as a discount store in the French city of Lille in 1976. In the following 45 years it has grown into the largest sporting goods retailer in the world, with more than 2,000 stores in 56 countries, employing 93,000 staff – and branding excellence is at the heart of that growth. The family-owned business designs and develops its own products in its own studios and laboratories – with each sport having its own brand, supported by in-house experts. Decathlon aims to inspire customers from all skill levels. Sport shouldn’t be just for the privileged few, it says, but accessible to all. The Decathlon brand also chimes with the age, giving prominent commitment to the health of the planet. The company has pledged to maintain a positive environmental impact, not only helping people stay healthier for longer, but also to live by environmental principles. For instance, it turns waste plastic bottles into running jackets, and aims to use natural fabrics where possible. The judging panel recognises that Decathlon’s branding strategy is unique, and is pleased to present the 2021 award for Best Sports Branding France.

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