MauBank: Best Digital Transformation in Banking Mauritius 2022


MauBank’s investment in the digital ecosystem has helped deepen its relationship with customers through improved products and services, cross-selling and faster integration, which has driven financial returns and supported innovation. The bank has reviewed its priorities following the pandemic and pursued its digital roadmap for greater operational efficiency, service quality and customer experience. Leveraging the introduction of the Instant Payments System by the Bank of Mauritius, MauBank’s mobile application WithMe now includes new functionalities that allow users to access accounts in other domestic banks from the application and make instant transactions 24/7. Today, WithMe has a remarkable array of features, including card activation and PIN management, that allow customers to serve themselves anywhere and the bank is continuously working on bringing the latest payment technologies to give convenience of choice. The online lending platform processing vehicle leasing applications end-to-end was further developed to accommodate credit card applications. Unique in Mauritius, it delivers instant in principle approval to the applicant. The digital platform allows applicants to upload documents, checks their credit information with the Central Bank (Mauritius Credit Information Bureau) through an API, and can reject or give approval instantly for a credit card application in four phases and inform the end user within minutes. The bank has also revamped the management of cybersecurity risk to tackle the new factors that accompany such changes in service delivery. MauBank is confirmed as recipient of the 2022 award: Best Digital Transformation in Banking Mauritius.

MauBank CEO with CFI award

CEO Premchand Mungar