MauBank: Best Growth Strategy Banking Mauritius 2022


MauBank has achieved steady growth over the past three years given its prudent management of assets and liabilities. It reports an increase in after-tax profits of 130 percent from 2021 to 2022, thanks to a strategy of consolidation and reinvention resulting in reduced operating costs, an uptick in revenue and the liquidity to meet unexpected challenges. The judging panel was impressed with the bank’s steadfast piloting of pandemic challenges, fuelled by a focus on expansion, conquering market shares and product development.  Our winner is moving forward significantly in terms of its four pillars: retail, SME, corporate and international banking.  Impressive growth comes from MauBank’s international banking efforts, serving global entities and non-resident customers with a comprehensive range of well-defined products and services. Technological developments to further enhance the customer experience are also fostering significant growth. The jury applauds the bank’s new Green Financing Scheme (financing to promote renewable energy improvements).  All told, it is clear to the panel that MauBank, appreciating the increasing competition in the sector, is determined and well-equipped to maintain its position among the country’s top three banks. Brand CX Tracker, 2021, confirms that MauBank has risen to the top tier of the banking sector: helped, in good part, by its creative marketing and communications strategies.  The judging panel is delighted to present MauBank with the 2022 award: Best Growth Strategy Banking (Mauritius).

MauBank CEO and Deputy CEO with CFI award

Deputy CEO Vishuene Vydelingum (L) and CEO Premchand Mungar