BIAT: Best Digitalisation Strategy North Africa 2021


BIAT (Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie / International Arab Bank of Tunisia) is a universal bank and diversified financial services group with subsidiaries in insurance, asset management, private equity, stock market intermediation and advisory services. BIAT stays abreast of the technology that will benefit business efficiency and client satisfaction. The bank is currently beta-testing an online banking application. The app is available upon request through an evaluation platform that solicits feedback from clients. The bank has published a user’s guide to provide beta-testers with step-by-step instructions about the app, which gives clients an overview of their accounts and allows them to make transfers, load funds on prepaid cards and lock or unlock credit cards. The app is expected to go live for all BIAT clients in early 2022. A corporate version of the app is scheduled for launch in early 2023. Digital transformation is a key component of BIAT’s growth strategy. The bank is evolving along with the population, as smart devices and data packages redefine the boundaries between financial service providers and their customers. This new platform will integrate BIAT’s mobile and web applications into one convenient and secure tool that has been designed according to customer suggestions and international tech standards to provide increased access and facilitate remote operations. The judging panel unanimously selects BIAT, a repeat programme winner, in the award category for Best Digitalisation Strategy (North Africa).