Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie: Best Bank Governance Tunisia 2020


Since its founding in 1976, Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT) has made good governance a cornerstone of its operations. The bank continually updates its policies, and this year it has designated dedicated groups to provide oversight and recommendations on auditing and risk. BIAT has earned its reputation as a reliable partner, and the confidence of its customers. Its network includes some 200 branches, 2,000 employees and 920,000 account holders. BIAT has expended time and effort to develop an exceptional governance system. It was among the top 30 African banks ranked for high impact, the only Tunisian institution on the list. BIAT is socially responsible, with a best-in-class system and a dedicated workforce serving Tunisians from all walks of life — individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, large companies and institutions. It is a stalwart of the banking sector, demonstrating ethical leadership and active collaboration. The Central Bank of Tunisia invites BIAT to weigh-in on major decisions, and trusts its advice to be in the best interests of customers and country. BIAT’s reputation extends beyond Tunisian borders, and its expertise has been sought by clients across the continent through the consulting subsidiary it launched in 2014. The judging panel commends the bank’s calm and efficient response during the pandemic, and presents BIAT — a repeat programme winner — with the 2020 award for Best Bank Governance (Tunisia).