UBP Wins the CFI.co Private Banking Award, UAE

Now that many of the global universal

Best Commercial Bank, China: CFI.co names China Merchants

China Merchants Bank, headquartered in Shenzen and

BVC: Best Stock Exchange, LatAm

The Colombian Securities Exchange has become a

UBS: Best Green Bank Switzerland

An increasing number of businesses, including banks,

Zenith Bank:
A Winner in Nigeria

The Bank was named Best Commercial Bank,

Morgan Stanley: Best Institutional Broker UAE

When the going gets tough, the likes

AIM: UAE is Recognised by CFI.co as Best FDI Destination in the Middle East

Following presentation of the Annual Investment Meeting 

Credicorp Capital: Best Securities Brokerage MILA

It takes both expertise and passion to

Kempinski Hotels: Best Premium Landmark Hotels EMEA

Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, founded almost

Ford Motor Co: Best Mobility Innovation – United States 2016

Ford Motor Company has innovation tightly woven

Dunlop: Best ESG Corporate Citizen United States

Dunlop Tyres, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s

Middle East

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Waha Capital: Best Emerging Markets Investment Manager MENA 2016

Pursuing optimal exposure to diversified asset classes, Abu Dhabi-based Waha Capital offers investors ample opportunity to benefit from buoyant emerging markets. The company, founded in 1997, manages asset portfolios that include sizeable stakes in the logistics and infrastructure, property, financial

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Middle East Capital Group (MECG): Best Client-Tailored Financial Solutions MENA 2016

One of the leading financial services providers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Middle East Capital Group (MECG) derives its success from its adherence to a client-centric approach. The firm – headquartered in Beirut and 98.5% owned

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Tanqia: Best Wastewater Utility Management Team Middle East 2017

Designed to maximise efficiency and throughput, Tanqia is the only privately-owned wastewater collection and treatment facility in the Middle East. Processing up to 16,000 cubic metres of wastewater every day, the UAE-plant covers an area of some sixteen hectares just

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Kuwait International Bank: Fastest-Growing Islamic Bank MENA 2016 & Best Sharia-Compliant Bank MENA 2016

Recipient of a dual award, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has a significant impact on the financial services industry of the country. KIB gained wide recognition as a pioneer of Islamic banking, conducting its business, and adjusting all internal operations and

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Agthia Group: Best Corporate Governance UAE 2016

Excellence in corporate governance is a key to success. Abu Dhabi-based Agthia Group, a leading food and beverage company, has deployed its solid governance record to drive growth and expansion. In order to gain, and maintain, its competitive edge Agthia

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SEDCO Holding: Best Sharia-Compliant Group Corporate Governance GCC 2016

Of modest origin and carefully nurtured to become one of Saudi Arabia’s leading wealth management company, SEDCO Holding adheres to time-honoured Sharia principles in the allocation of its clients assets. A family business characterised by its embrace of the highest

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Musharaka Capital Company: Best Sharia-Compliant IPO Fund Manager Middle East 2016

The backbone of Islamic banking, equity finance is big business throughout the Middle East. Musharaka Capital Company, a premier asset manager in Saudi Arabia founded in 2013 as a closed joint-stock corporation, maintains a number of funds that allow project

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Saradar Bank: Best Bank Governance Lebanon 2016

With dedicated retail, commercial, and private banking divisions, Lebanon’s Saradar Bank is set to help the country regain its prominence as a regional financial services hub. Saradar Bank is the product of the merger between the Near East Commercial Bank

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Qatar Foundation: Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability of the Knowledge-Based Economy GCC 2016

Few countries blessed with abundant natural resources have the foresight, or political will, to invest in their long-term future by committing the proceeds of their windfall towards sustainable development. Norway comes to mind, as does Qatar. Boasting the highest per

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Consolidated Contracting Company: Best Infrastructure EPC Solution Provider MENA 2016

Strict adherence to global best practices and a stalwart dedication to excellence have propelled Consolidated Contracting Company (CCC) to the very apex of the construction industry. The company, in business since 1952 and now employing over 130,000 people, is known

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