Kuwait International Bank: Best Bank in Financial Literacy Programme MENA 2023


Kuwait International Bank (KIB) is a full-service Islamic financial institution celebrating a 50-year anniversary. The bank has contributed to the socio-economic development of the country with its innovative service suite and comprehensive CSR activities. It believes financial literacy to be a key factor in a country’s economic stability and growth potential. As such, KIB sponsors initiatives and supports national campaigns to raise financial awareness and banking literacy across all sectors of society. It participates in major industry conferences to spread brand recognition, recruit staff and connect with potential partners. It organises information sessions at high-traffic venues to engage directly with the public and promote the benefits of conscientious savings and investment practices. This enables the bank to stay close to customers and adapt to their changing needs. Bank representatives present products to suit personal circumstances and aspirations, while also highlighting customers’ financial rights and responsibilities. Cyber safety and fraud prevention are common themes across KIB events and publications. It regularly disseminates warnings against emerging threats, particularly in relation to card usage and digital channels. The bank recently cautioned investors and traders to avoid digital currencies and assets due to their lack of regulatory oversight. KIB first registered on the CFI.co radar as the fastest-growing bank in the MENA region. While the bank continues along an impressive growth trajectory, the judges felt its educational outreach activities deserved special attention this year. KIB wins the 2023 award for Best Bank in Financial Literacy Programme (MENA).

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