Best Commercial Bank, China: CFI.co names China Merchants

China Merchants Bank, headquartered in Shenzen and

UBP Wins the CFI.co Private Banking Award, UAE

Now that many of the global universal

BVC: Best Stock Exchange, LatAm

The Colombian Securities Exchange has become a

UBS: Best Green Bank Switzerland

An increasing number of businesses, including banks,

AIM: UAE is Recognised by CFI.co as Best FDI Destination in the Middle East

Following presentation of the Annual Investment Meeting 

Zenith Bank:
A Winner in Nigeria

The Bank was named Best Commercial Bank,

Morgan Stanley: Best Institutional Broker UAE

When the going gets tough, the likes

Credicorp Capital: Best Securities Brokerage MILA

It takes both expertise and passion to

Ford Motor Co: Best Mobility Innovation – United States

Ford Motor Company has innovation tightly woven

Kempinski Hotels: Best Premium Landmark Hotels EMEA

Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, founded almost

Dunlop: Best ESG Corporate Citizen United States

Dunlop Tyres, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s

Asia Pacific

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Azizi Bank: Best Digital Bank Afghanistan 2018

Afghanistan’s largest financial services provider, Azizi Bank has added to its already considerable momentum by incorporating the latest fintech developments into its corporate and client-facing processes, and expanding its global reach. The bank is the preferred partner of diplomatic missions,

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BSC (BIDV Securities Company): Best Securities Broker Vietnam 2018

Shattering benchmarks and shaping one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic markets, BSC (BIDV Securities Company) has been instrumental in empowering Vietnamese businesses. The oldest and largest stock broker in the country, BSC successfully prepared and carried out a number of

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Colombo Land & Development Company: Best Real Estate Corporate Governance Sri Lanka 2018

Deploying the power of excellence in corporate governance to raise funds and ensure sustained profitability, Colombo Land & Development Company (CLDC) has managed to successfully complete a number of high-end real estate developments in Sri Lanka that helped transform the

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Islamic Bank of Afghanistan: Best Business Bank Afghanistan 2018

Empowering the Afghan business community and helping local entrepreneurs seize opportunity and expand trade, Islamic Bank of Afghanistan makes a significant contribution to the country’s economic development. From its earliest days the bank has served the Afghan private business sector

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AnandRathi: Best Wealth Manager India 2018

For proof that a client-centric approach in financial services yields superior results, look no further than AnandRathi – the premier Indian wealth manager and investment bank which last year grew its business by an astonishing 80%. The firm is recognised

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BCPG Public Company: Best Clean Energy Community Solutions Southeast Asia 2018

Seeking to forestall a doubling of electricity rates over the next ten or so years, the government of Thailand has opened the sector to competition and streamlined regulation in order to entice new players to enter the market and new

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IIFL Holdings: Best IPO Lead Manager India 2018

India’s largest independent financial services provider, IIFL Holdings is also the preferred partner of businesses and investors seeking to maximise their exposure to the country’s buoyant economy. Set up in 1995, IIFL has established a peerless reputation for its in-depth

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MultiBank Exchange Group: Best Forex ECN Platform Europe and Asia 2018

Its platforms execute trades with a notional turnover exceeding $4.3bn per day in forex and derivatives transactions for well over 280,000 clients in 90 countries. Since its foundation in 2005, MultiBank Exchange Group has grown into one of the world’s

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Afghanistan International Bank: Best Corporate Governance Afghanistan 2018

In pioneer markets, excellence in corporate governance lifts companies above the median and into the field of vision of international partners who may contribute additional skills, resources, and ideas. This is how Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) managed to become the

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Uralkali: Most Sustainable Mining Operation Russia 2018

The looming worldwide potash shortage following the collapse of a mine in Belarus, has prompted investors to take a second look at large producers of the potassium-rich salts used in the manufacture of fertilisers. One of the world’s largest potash

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