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My Clinic: Best Clinical Patient Outcome KSA 2020

My Clinic began operations just three years ago, inviting individuals, families and businesses across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to experience how much superior healthcare contributes to positive patient outcomes. My Clinic’s Jeddah facilities are spread wide and stretched several

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Medgate: Best Global Telemedicine Provider 2020

Healthcare evolves with every new tech breakthrough — and digitalisation has ushered in an age of patient-centred personalisation. Swiss company Medgate is an industry influencer in this space. Over the past 20 years, Medgate has been developing secure and convenient

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Maghreb Oxygène SA: Best Medical Gas Supplier MENA 2019

For over 40 years, Maghreb Oxygène SA has provided the people of Morocco with life-saving medical gases, such as gaseous or liquid medical oxygen, nitrous oxide, and synthetic air. The company produces, packages, and distributes them in accordance with the

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