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Unity: Best Sustainable Insurance Solutions Team Central America 2016

An insurance broker with a difference, Unity consistently pursues perfection in matching clients to policies. While the firm and its customers benefit from the standardised procedures implemented and fine-tuned since 1958, Unity offers a comprehensive suite of easily scalable and

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AXA Winterthur: Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Insurance Switzerland

AXA Winterthur is Switzerland’s leading insurer for comprehensive financial protection, responsible for offering coverage to more than 40% of the companies in Switzerland, with a portfolio of close to 1.9 million customers. As an entity, AXA Winterthur controls two separate

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Zurich Insurance Group: Best Sustainable Insurer Switzerland

At a glance, the insurance business seems to consist of the transfer and management of risk. Whilst straightforward when merely considering the underlying essentials, today’s insurance business – marked by fierce competition and fast-moving market dynamics – involves considerations and

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Africa Re – African Reinsurance Corporation: Best Reinsurance Company Africa 2014

Established in 1976 on a recommendation of the African Development Bank as a way to help reduce the drain of foreign currency from the continent, the African Reinsurance Corporation (Africa Re) is a joint effort of 41 states to provide

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