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BVC: Best Stock Exchange, LatAm

The Colombian Securities Exchange has become a driving force for the corporate and economic development of the country that has recently registered outstanding social, economic and political progress. These advancements have allowed Colombia to position itself as the fourth largest

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Morgan Stanley: Contributing to Growth in the UAE

As the UAE continues to recover from the economic crisis, the role that institutional brokers have played should not be underestimated. Following very strong nominations for several brokers, the CFI.co Judging Panel is delighted to declare Morgan Stanley winner of

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Second Year of Success: Corporate Leadership and CSR Awards Go to Emirates

The corporate leadership of Emirates has been recognised by the CFI.co Judging Panel for a second consecutive year. One of the largest employers in the UAE, with a young and eco-efficient fleet, Emirates takes good care of its staff and

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Zenith Bank:
A Winner in Nigeria

The Bank was named Best Commercial Bank, Africa this year in view of its sterling work at home over the past 22 years and given the excellent progress it has made in other markets within Africa and further afield.  Zenith

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QIIB: Best Islamic Bank, Qatar, 2014

The Qatar International Islamic Bank success story is one of financial stability, good profitability and strong continuous growth over recent years. QIIB is for good reason perceived as a safe bank that is fully responsive to changing needs. Customer loyalty

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