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XM: Best Customer Support Global 2022

XM is a big online broker that favours fairness and real human interaction. The company is well-established, boasting 13 years’ experience in an industry where online brokers tend to come and go. XM encourages users to sign up for a

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XM: Most Reliable Broker & Most Transparent Broker Global 2022

Few online brokers can match the experience and liquidity coverage afforded by digital disruptor XM. The CySEC-regulated and UK-registered broker has opened up trading for more than five million clients from over 190 countries. Traders can choose between 1,000-plus trading

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XM: Most Reliable Broker & Most Transparent Broker Global 2021

The web is awash with brokers making big promises – but few can compete with the execution, customer support and transparency of XM. The online broker has been in operation for over a decade and serves some five million customers

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XM: Most Reliable Broker Global 2020 | Most Transparent Broker Global 2020

The judging panel congratulates XM on its 10th year of trading, pointing out that longevity is an indication of the intention and wherewithal to properly care for clients at all times. The broker provides quality products and services and

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Multi-regulated XM understands the fundamental elements important to all Investors when it comes to online Trading. From blazing fast execution derived from innovation in technology, to a commitment on providing the best customer experience in the industry, XM has definitely

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Success in trading comes from education and the experience that follows. Therefore, traders who value their money and aim to carve out a better future need to continually develop and hone their skills. UK-based maintains a staff of highly

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XM: Best Trading Support Europe 2017

XM, the official trading partner of the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt has worked its way up to the Fintech premier league with over one million clients registered to date (in no less than 196 countries executing some

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Equiti Group: Most Innovative Financial Markets Brokerage Global 2020

Over the past decade, Equiti Group has solidified its status as a leading provider of global brokerage services. Equiti Group’s network of twelve subsidiaries and over 300 specialists provides clients in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia

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Max Myanmar Group: Best Sustainability Strategy Myanmar 2020

Max Myanmar Group has adopted a sustainability plan that promises benefits for all. Max Myanmar emerged on the transport scene nearly 30 years ago, importing buses to Myanmar from Japan. It has grown into a conglomerate of synergetic business units

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Max Myanmar Group: Best ESG Transparency Myanmar 2016

Max Myanmar Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the Southeast Asian country with interests spanning almost the full range of Myanmar’s buoyant economy, including the energy, hospitality, manufacturing, and logistics sectors amongst others. A fixture of the local

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