AccountAbility: Best ESG Strategy Development Partner Global 2022


AccountAbility is a trusted global consulting and standards firm, and an award-winning thought leader within the ESG ecosystem. It is a values-driven organization exclusively focused on working with business, governments, and organizations to advance responsible business practices and improve their long-term performance. With this, AccountAbility has attracted top talent and built a partnership network rooted in collaboration, innovation, and measurable impact. The company has established multiple alliances with like-minded organizations globally, including prominent universities and research departments, public accounting industries, and international data and analytics providers. Recent noteworthy AccountAbility client projects include guiding a Fortune 50 company to link corporate ESG targets and performance with C-suite compensation, developing ESG disclosure guidelines for a prominent stock exchange with a US$3tn market cap, designing ESG key performance indicators for a Top-10 GCC bank, and developing a global citizenship strategy for one of the world’s largest companies.

Led by CEO and ESG pioneer Sunil (Sunny) A. Misser, AccountAbility’s projects are designed to deliver practical and relevant solutions that advance the business performance of its clients with objective ESG counsel. The company pioneered the application of double materiality in the alignment of standards and is now working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the development of a sustainable procurement framework and updating their GHG Inventory Management Protocols. AccountAbility is also working with a Fortune 10 company to translate their ESG strategies into actionable programmes in areas such as biodiversity, energy access and STE(A)M education for women in developing countries. As an outcome, this shows bigger enterprises how to scale socioeconomic and environmental impacts with global citizenship strategies in areas of critical need. Since the judging panel last assessed AccountAbility, the company has successfully completed the Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) certification process, and with this PBC status is recognized for its commitment to prioritizing social benefits alongside traditional financial objectives. The judging panel is pleased to reaffirm AccountAbility as the 2022 global award winner for Best ESG Strategy Development Partner.

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