Novus Group International: Most Innovative Market Research Team Europe 2017

Know-your-customer and know-your-market are essential to any business aiming for lasting success. The task is, however, easier said than done – let alone accomplished. Providing focused knowledge – instead of just data – Novus Group International helps businesses rediscover their raison d’être – essentially, returning to the source and plugging into markets that may have changed.

Whilst the concept is disarmingly simple, the Swedish company found that few businesses are actually taking the obvious route to improved performance and oftentimes fail to grasp the importance, and the power, of new media – or miss the point. Digitalisation may have moved the goalposts, Novus Group sees this development as a move towards the individualisation of the marketplace – requiring businesses to respond with bespoke offerings to serve a customer universe divided into smaller niches.

Much more than a traditional market research company, Novus Group takes a holistic approach to market research that includes paths towards thought leadership and confidence building. Businesses are encouraged to accept challenges to their dominance or presence as a way to ensure sustainability. Eschewing the bandwagon mentality, Novus Group questions, probes, and evaluates new technologies in order to determine their suitability and use.

Since its foundation, just ten years ago, Novus Group has become one of Sweden’s leading market researchers and the go-to place for mission-critical assignments. The judging panel finds Novus group’s highly innovative approach most refreshing and declares the company winner of the 2017 Most Innovative Market Research Team Europe Award.

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