Fitch Ratings: Best Credit Services Global 2022

Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary and research, with a 100-year history of value creation in its coverage markets, which include Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. In this era of volatility & technological transformation, Fitch provides clarity and insight, enabling its clients all over the world to make better decisions. In addition to ratings, Fitch Group offers courses, qualifications and apprenticeships through Fitch Learning, as well as targeted research and analytics through Fitch Solutions.

Fitch Ratings was one of the first agencies to respond to the global pandemic, publishing timely and in-depth COVID-19 related reports to share updated credit views, and providing a dedicated Coronavirus website with COVID-19 related research, multi-media content and webinars.

In 2021, nearly 6 million unique users visited, a 38% increase year over year. Fitch Ratings’ analytical staff conducted over 16,000 rating committees, and published 31,243 pieces of content, an approximate 15% increase each year. They produced over 15,000 Rating Action Commentaries (RACs) and authored more than 9,500 issuer reports, Non-Rating Action Commentaries (NRACs) and Fitch Wires through 2021. Fitch also held more webinars than any other rating agency; its 438 webinars attracted 36,000 participants. These results have strengthened Fitch’s brand and have driven its business performance even in the face of a challenging global environment.

Fitch Ratings’ focus has, and in our opinion will continue to be, on providing transparent, objective and substantive data that enables confidence in decision-making. Thus, in September 2021, Fitch launched Sustainable Fitch, offering insights, tools and data that have been designed and built entirely and exclusively to help bring clarity to the ESG financial community. This includes the first global ESG Ratings solution for all asset classes at an entity and instrument level built from the ground up to exclusively help the ESG focused financial community make smarter decisions.

The judging panel has decided in Fitch’s favour in previous awards programmes — and now finds cause to continue another year. Fitch Ratings wins the 2022 Best Credit Services (Global) award.