BVI Finance: Best Offshore Financial Services Centre Global 2021


The British Virgin Islands (BVI) evoke images of pristine beaches and verdant landscapes, but this archipelago is also home to one of the world’s leading offshore financial centres. BVI Finance has promoted the islands’ financial services industry over the past two decades, serving as spokesperson and liaison for new and existing partners in emerging and traditional markets worldwide. BVI Finance maintains a regular presence on the global conference and trade show circuit, engaging with key stakeholders and expounding on the many advantages of doing business in the islands. The Covid pandemic has prevented most of those events from taking place physically over the past two years, but BVI Finance has maintained momentum by embracing digital channels. It adjusted to complications and moved forward with technical innovation including developing a compelling proposition for FinTech. As a result, it has achieved strong yearly results, with business up by over 60 percent. In some areas, it was the highest growth rate seen over the past three years. The BVI is a self-governing British Overseas Territory with an independent legal and judicial system based on English Common Law. The jurisdiction boasts an innovative and internationally recognised regulatory regime with a business-friendly operating environment and no taxes on capital gains or withholdings. BVI Finance helps connect global markets and stimulate capital flows, particularly into developing countries. In recognition of the crucial role it plays in the global economy, the judging panel presents BVI Finance — a repeat programme winner — with the 2021 global award for Best Offshore Financial Services Centre.