Walmart: Most Innovative Retailer United States 2020


Walmart has become the largest retailer in the world by giving customers what they are looking for at low, low prices. It is also the largest private employer, and as of mid-July 2020 had taken on 400,000 extra staff in response to heightened sales demand during lockdown and as a bridge between jobs to help people working in heavily hit industries. In partnership with Apple’s Siri, the firm makes online shopping easier with Walmart Voice Order. The company’s e-commerce business has been developing well and in 2019, when Walmart acquired a majority stake in India’s Flipkart, the division saw growth of 40 percent. Selling from brick and mortar facilities can also improve online customer experience. The notion of physical stores acting in online fulfilment is new to retail and worthy of note. Another recent innovation is Walmart2World, a money transfer service that drives down prices further. To empower staff, more than 200 Walmart academies offer a path to career advancement and have attracted tens of thousands of associates. Walmart harnesses cutting edge technology to free manager’s time to better focus on finding solutions and helping employees meet their goals. Customer preferences and demands are changing and Walmart shop services are adapting in the best way possible. Operating in a highly competitive space, the company was established by Sam Walmart in 1962 and has its corporate headquarters in Arkansas. The judging panel recognises Walmart as the 2020 winner of the award Most Innovative Retailer United States.

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