Volante Technologies: Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions Global 2021


As the financial services industry faces new challenges in bringing secure, fast, and compliant payment options to their clients, Volante Technologies’ cloud-native solutions simplify and automate complex processes in payments and financial messaging.

Volante Technologies is a global fintech leader that processes trillions of dollars in daily transactions, providing mission-critical solutions for some of the world’s largest banks, market infrastructures, exchanges, clearing houses and card networks. It has a presence in 35 countries and claims a substantial slice of the payments pie, counting four of the world’s top five corporate banks as customers. Volante customers account for 40 percent of all US commercial bank deposits, and 70 percent of worldwide card traffic.

Volante also implements a client-centric approach to “wow” customers with its suite of simple, innovative and transformative solutions. Maximizing client value is a key priority. Volante has over 100 clients globally, many of whom have enjoyed reductions in project costs of nearly 62%, and an associated 70% acceleration in the time required to deploy new payments products. Volante is happy to join clients at the drawing board — or in a video conference — to solve problems hand-in-hand as a trusted partner.

The US-headquartered company was established 20 years ago with a long-term strategy: it offers worldwide cloud-based or on-premise solutions for payment modernisation, real-time/instant payments, end-to-end domestic and cross-border payment processing as a service, financial messaging, and ISO 20022 migration. The ISO 20022 standard has proven invaluable to the finance industry for the streamlined processing, payment data and enhanced inter-operability it affords, and Volante helps clients along the adoption curve.

Based on its innovative fintech solutions and consistent high level of customer satisfaction, the company has impressed the CFI.co judging panel, which declares Volante Technologies the 2020 winner of the global award for Best Payments & Financial Messaging Solutions.