Stantec: Best Gender Inclusion Strategy North America 2021


Stantec, a company committed to design with community in mind, was founded as a one-person firm in 1954 by Harvard environmental engineering graduate Don Stanley. The operation now has some 22,000 employees spread across 350 locations on six continents. It has assembled a team of designers, engineers, scientists and project managers to build client partnerships centred on community, creativity and innovation. Based in Canada, the global company has a culture which reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. Stantec aims to drive change as an employer that prioritises sustainability, diversity, inclusion and equity. It has always exceeded the requirements for Canada’s 30% Club, which calls for 30 percent of board members to be female. Stantec has 55 employee resource group (ERG) chapters and provides in-person unconscious-bias training. The ERGs began as a grassroots movement that now has chapters dedicated to women, pride, indigenous connections, Latinos, Asians, people with disabilities, military veteran advocates, cultural awareness and inclusion. ERG chapters are run by employees and supported by Stantec. Stantec puts people at the centre of everything it does and invests time and resources to promote inclusion and diversity. This year, it has committed one percent of pre-tax profits to community engagement programmes across its global network. Stantec also runs a scholarship programme offering summer internships and work experience opportunities. The judging panel recognises a company with a great awareness of communication, transparency and engagement: Stantec wins the 2021 award for Best Gender Inclusion Strategy (North America).