Orbian: Most Innovative Trade Finance Solutions Global 2021


ORBIAN is the longest tenured Supply Chain Finance (SCF) provider. They have been providing SCF solutions for over 20 years and financing over $230 billion in trade flows to-date for leading Fortune 500 & Global 500 companies. ORBIAN is 100% dedicated to Buyer-centric SCF solutions including their Traditional Supply Chain Finance product and, more recently, Express SCF (xSCF) and Virtual Card (e-Card) offerings.

A pioneer in its industry at many levels, ORBIAN launched, in 2010, the first bank-agnostic multi-bank SCF Program ever implemented in Europe and in 2014, ORBIAN was first company to provide SCF to Mainland China.

Orbian universal funding structure, combined with their SCF technology platform, allows them to offer comprehensive SCF solutions and services to large corporate clients globally and programs with virtually unlimited funding capacity, while mitigating the funding and operational risks inherent in all other SCF offerings. Their streamlined and award-winning onboarding process ensures best-in-class customer experience.

Orbian’s financial, legal and technology experts work closely with clients to ensure swift and seamless SCF implementation, using an approach that covers business process, strategy design and IT integration and build a substructure to manage supplier engagement, documentation and onboarding.

ORBIAN has maintained its industry-leading position through the years by annually investing about 15% of revenue into the continuous improvement of technology, team skills and customer experience and by being a recognised thought leader in themes that bring the industry forward. A recent example is ORBIAN’s work around sustainable Supply Chain Finance in order to become a key player in the ESG agenda in the financial sector.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA with offices in London (UK) and Munich (Germany), Orbian provides global customer support for our clients in a variety of languages. The CFI.co judges recognise Orbian with the 2021 global award for Most Innovative Trade Finance Solutions.