Lockheed Martin: Most Innovative NextGen Technology Solutions Global 2021


The Osiris Rex space probe, designed, built and flown by Lockheed Martin scientists and engineers, is currently speeding homewards having almost completed its 1.4 billion mile mission to capture a piece of rock the size of a chocolate bar – which may provide answers to the origin of our solar system, even life itself. It is one example of the trail-blazing work being undertaken by a pioneering company at the frontier of scientific exploration. The company, founded in California in 1912 as the world rushed to put men into the skies in timber and canvas crafts, has always been at the leading edge. Today the company is a global leader in the field of advanced technology, covering satellites, hypersonic aircraft, global positioning systems and artificial intelligence, among other spheres of technology. Its mission is to “transform with urgency” to deliver the insights Lockheed Martin’s clients need to stay ahead in a world of rapidly-evolving threats. The company is embracing disruptive innovation in its processes, technology and tools – and sharing its resources with a growing list of start-up tech businesses who are supported with financial grants, and given access to Lockheed Martin’s network of contacts and accumulated knowledge. The Osiris Rex probe, with its precious cargo of space rock – the largest sample collected since the moon landings of the 1970s – will return to earth in 2023. For the second year running, the judging panel salutes the many advances achieved by Lockheed Martin with the 2021 award, Most Innovative Next-Gen Technology Solutions Global.