JPMorgan Chase: Best CSR Banking United States 2021


When Jamie Dimon, the chairman and chief executive of JPMorgan Chase & Co talks of “corporate citizenship”, he’s not paying lip service to a business fad – he’s deadly serious. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral to the bank’s culture. “When everyone has a fair shot at participating in the rewards of growth, the economy will be stronger and society more cohesive,” he says. He insists that the US must address widening income inequality. “The fault line for discord is a fraying American dream – the enormous wealth of our country is accruing to the very few. The fault line is inequality.” The company believes that as the world emerges from the pandemic it must build fairer, sustainable infrastructures. In 2018 the organisation launched a five-year $1.75b fund to support initiatives worldwide, including aid to urban communities. The JPMorgan Chase mission involves investment in customers, employees and communities, breaking down barriers to opportunity and creating lasting change. It aims to attract and retain employees in an environment where they can thrive. The bank, which operates in 65 countries, invests $300m in employee training every year. In terms of diversity, 49 percent of global new hires are women, while 58 percent of new US hires are ethnically diverse. JPMorgan Chase believes business has a vital role to play in the drive towards a low-carbon economy. The company is applying its expertise to tackle climate change and promote a sustainable future. In 2021, the panel is pleased to present, for the third consecutive year, the award, Best CSR Banking United States.