GreenBank Capital: Most Innovative Global Merchant Bank Canada 2021


For any fledgling business, the sudden and unexpected loss of a visionary leader is a hammer blow. When Danny Wettreich, the respected entrepreneur and visionary who founded and chaired GreenBank Capital in 2013, passed away suddenly in 2018, impetus could easily have stalled. But his son, Mark Wettreich, the current chairman of GreenBank, was determined to protect his father’s legacy, and build upon the passion and foresight at the heart of the business. Mark resolved to press ahead with the founding concept – a merchant bank which seeks out fast-growing, globally scalable businesses and supports them through all stages of growth, while balancing the risks by acquiring tangible assets and injecting a healthy dose of business acumen. GreenBank believes that this under-represented sector has great potential. The company has a global reach, with its experienced team operating not only in Canada but in the USA and Europe. GreenBank is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: GBC) as well on and the OTCMKTS in the USA (GRNBF) and the Deutsche Börse in Germany (FRA: 2TL). It has a network of contacts who constantly comb the world’s markets for opportunities with potential to add value to GreenBank’s portfolio. Mark and the GreenBank team have taken the original compelling vision and business model and developed GreenBank into a Company with a strong foundation and a clear roadmap for the future. The company has invested, among others, in major scientific innovation, electric vehicles, fintech, precious metals, mobile apps and pharmacy as well as real estate in order to blend risk with asset backing. It is also an early supporter of blockchain technology as a means of speeding up transactions and reducing costs, and it continues to promote its development. The judging panel recognises GreenBank’s talent for innovation, and has no hesitation in presenting the company with the 2021 award for Most Innovative Global Merchant Bank Canada.