Charah Solutions: Best Sustainable Environmental Management Solutions USA 2020

Charah Solutions

Charah Solutions’ management and employees are committed to environmental responsibility as the company provides mission-critical environmental services and byproduct sales to the U.S. power generation industry. Charah Solutions assists utilities to sustainably manage and recycle ash byproducts generated from the combustion of coal in the production of electricity. The Company also designs and implements solutions for ash pond management and closure, landfill construction, fly ash sales, and structural fill projects. Charah Solutions is the partner of choice for solving customers’ most complex environmental challenges, and as an industry leader in quality, safety, and compliance, the company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a cleaner energy future.

Charah Solutions sustainability efforts conserve virgin resources and water, reduce greenhouse gases, and decrease landfill disposal, all while providing essential recycled products that contribute to the growth of the economy. The company’s recovery of coal ash provides environmental recycling, which is beneficially used in the production of concrete and cement to satisfy the growing infrastructure demands that utilize millions of tons of coal ash every year, thus preserving natural resources while dramatically reducing the need for landfill space. In addition, the beneficial recycling of ash in concrete production replaces Portland cement, a significant contributor to CO2 emissions, thus significantly decreasing CO2 and other greenhouse gases that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. The company also invests in propriety technology for the benefit of the environment such as its MP618® beneficiation technology which improves fly ash quality so that significantly more tons can be recycled for use in concrete and cement production further reducing the overall carbon footprint and use of natural resources. Its use of ash in environmentally-sound structural fill projects returns the land to the community for recreational or commercial and allows for thousands of acres of land to be reclaimed. Charah Solutions also beneficially uses gypsum byproduct from the power plants which is recycled and used in the production of drywall and agricultural fertilizer, further reducing landfill space as well as water and energy consumption and preserving natural resources. Finally, Charah Solutions is an industry leader in providing Environmental Risk Transfer (ERT) services to the power generation industry which includes the shutdown, decommissioning and demolishing existing coal-fired power plants, remediation of onsite ash ponds and landfills, beneficial recycling of the ash, recycling of steel and other metals through the demolition of the plant and restoration of the land upon project completion for public or commercial use.

The judging panel was impressed with the ways in which the company is fully committed to supporting its customers while enhancing the environment through its commitment to sustainability. The judges declare Charah Solutions 2020 winner of the award of the Best Sustainable Environmental Management Solutions (USA).