Alaska Permanent Fund: Best SWF Investment Team The Americas 2021


Alaska Permanent Fund (APF) began 45 years ago with an initial contribution of $734,000. Through expert management and a disciplined investment approach, that has grown to a $75bn portfolio. APF ranks as the largest sovereign wealth fund in the US. It was launched to ensure that non-renewable resources would be converted into a sustainable source of intergenerational support for Alaskans. State law mandates that a quarter of any oil and gas royalties be deposited into the fund.  Currently, the annual withdrawal from the earnings that it generates account for 70 percent of the government’s unrestricted general budget. This draw from the earnings provides for government services, including the dividend program for eligible Alaskan residents. The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) is responsible for the fund’s investment and asset management — and it delivers a stand-out performance. APFC is strengthened by a diverse leadership team and staff that aim to protect principal capital and outperform market benchmarks. It forges partnerships with premier external managers to amplify internal investment capacities and broaden the fund’s investment reach. APFC CEO Angela Rodell ushered in an era of transformation for the fund, growing it by more than 25 percent. Under the APFC’s stewardship, the fund has proven to be a key revenue generator, with wise investments ensuring that trend for the future. The judging panel presents Alaska Permanent Fund with the 2021 award for Best SWF Investment Team (Americas).