Toronto Finance International: Best Financial Services Hub Investment Promotion PPP Global 2020


Toronto Finance International (TFI) serves as a connector and coordinator, linking cross-levels of industry, academia and government to grow and promote the city’s financial services sector. As a public-private partnership (PPP), TFI takes a constructive, collaborative approach to business, working with domestic and international partners to bring key stakeholders together to achieve successful outcomes. TFI was founded in 2001 to boost Toronto’s competitiveness as a leading global financial services hub. Toronto represents the second-largest financial centre and third-largest tech cluster in North America, making the city an ideal breeding ground for FinTech innovation. In 2019, TFI released a report showing that FinTech investment in the region had grown by 10 times over five years, to the tune of $221m over 25 deals. The Toronto region boasts one of the highest global FinTech investment growth rates, with a compound annual rate of 118 percent since 2010. TFI connects business leaders, academics and government officials to throw the weight of the collective consensus behind initiatives that target areas including talent acquisition and sustainable finance. It mobilises members and encourages stakeholders to work collectively to drive the growth and competitiveness of the industry. TFI lends its voice to global discussions and drives debate on the world stage — always with an eye to fostering industry innovation and positioning Toronto as a leading global financial centre. The judging panel declares Toronto Finance International as the 2020 winner of the Best Financial Services Hub Investment Promotion PPP (Global) award.

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