The Climate Service: Best Climate Risk Technology Experts Global 2020


Smart businesses consider climate change and sustainability issues at every stage of the decision-making process. The Climate Service (TCS), headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, was founded in 2017 to help investors, companies and communities identify climate risks and seize opportunities to advance a low-carbon future. The company works with the brightest minds and the top brands: its advisory board includes four IPCC Nobel scientists, while Aon, IBM, the AICPA and LMI Consulting are strategic partners. The Climate Service has united scientists, tech experts, economists and finance professionals. Its clients subscribe to the “Climanomics” platform to assess the physical and transition risks — and potential opportunities — of various scenarios over a time horizon from now to 2100. TCS assessments are backed by transparent methodology and rigorous science, with global coverage and granular analysis at property, asset, company and portfolio levels. The TCS platform is a trusted resource and strategic tool for a range of clients including big banks, Fortune-500 firms and the federal government. Climanomics was built with technical advice from IBM and provides an unparalleled level of security, scalability and interoperability. The platform pulls from multiple inputs — including climate model projections, socio-economic models and customer asset data — to present insights in easy-to-understand graphs, charts, narratives and data feeds. It also supports the interconnection of business intelligence systems through APIs and extensions. The judging panel presents The Climate Service with the 2020 global award for Best Climate Risk Technology Experts.