Reorg: Best Distressed Debt Intelligence Global 2020


Reorg founder and CEO Kent Collier started a blog in 2009 that led to the genesis of the business. Before launching Reorg, Collier worked as a research analyst with a specialisation in high yield distressed debt and special situations. He created a tech tool to speed up the analysis and information gathering process that caused much fanfare among market participants. Collier founded the company in 2013. Reorg has seen a material increase in client volume and revenue every year since its launch. The company now has around 250 employees. It is headquartered in NYC and has offices in London, Hong Kong and Washington, D.C. Reorg has mobilised a team of experienced financial and legal analysts, as well as journalists, to scour more than 4,000 performing, stressed and distressed credit listings to provide clients with timely, accurate and well-sourced intel. Reorg offers specialised intelligence solutions for investment management firms, investment banks, law firms, advisors and corporations. It pools the power of proprietary data and technology with expertise in restructuring, leveraged finance and M&A to ensure clients have all the facts needed to support informed decision-making. Clients access subscribed content through Reorg’s user-friendly digital platform and use its robust search functions to navigate the databases. Reorg offers customers high-touch engagement and encourages them to take full advantage of value-added resources. The judging panel presents Reorg with the 2020 global award for Best Distressed Debt Intelligence.