McKesson: Best Pharmaceuticals Distributor North America 2020


The McKesson story began over 180 years ago when it became one of the first importers and distributors of wholesale drugs and chemicals in North America. The company has a long-standing tradition of customer-centricity, first peddling therapeutic tinctures and tablets from covered wagons across the US in the 1800s and eventually building a pharmaceutical distribution network that covers the nation. Around a third of America’s medication passes through McKesson’s network each day, contributing to the $208bn in revenue reported for the 2018 fiscal year. The company’s core business focuses on healthcare distribution and technology solutions. McKesson maintains 27 pharmaceutical distribution centres strategically located across the US to ensure seamless delivery of life-saving drugs, surgical and medical supplies and solutions for specialised practices. The company has developed strong relationships with suppliers and is a trusted partner of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies at every level, from national retail chains to independent community dispensaries. McKesson boasts a heritage of pioneering healthcare influence, helping to shape the direction of the industry and set standards for the supply chain. Its facilities are equipped with advanced technology to unlock efficiency and increase automation, but the company pledges to never sacrifice the human element in favour of high-tech automation. As the link between drug manufacturers and pharmacies, McKesson moves not only product but also knowledge, helping pharmacists to provide the best patient care possible. The judging panel declares McKesson as the 2020 winner of the Best Pharmaceuticals Distributor (North America) award.