JAGGAER: Best Smart eProcurement Platform Global 2020


Matching artificial intelligence to the vast global marketplace and applying custom parameters to suit specific corporate requirements results in a powerful and efficient e-procurement platform that builds and shapes dynamic yet resilient supply chains – a must-have in today’s world. It is a concept that has been developed by US procurement technology pioneer JAGGAER which celebrates its 25th anniversary in October.

The company’s current client roster includes several corporates that have remained loyal to JAGGAER since the first version of its procurement platform was launched. The company’s elevated level of client retention bespeaks of exceptional quality and superior performance.

The flagship JAGGAER ONE platform digitises the entire procurement process via a number of modules that dovetail to form a fully featured unified cloud-based solution applicable to all sectors of industry. From sourcing to settling via inventory management, contracts, and spend analytics, amongst others, JAGGAER ONE streamlines complex processes into transparent end-to-end solutions that prioritise bespoke parameters to deliver the desired results.

JAGGAER has established a reputation of excellence by focussing on its core business and deploying advances in technology to perfect its product suite. JAGGAER ONE has progressed to include a Supply Chain Collaboration module that detects and exploits synergies to bolster both risk mitigation and synergies.

The JAGGAER ONE suite complements – and integrates seamlessly with – existing accounting and enterprise resource planning systems. The CFI.co judging panel appreciates that the company’s solutions provide for frictionless commerce and are crafted to precisely meet the needs of its clients on a strategic and tactical level. The judges feel no hesitation in declaring JAGGAER winner of the 2020 Best Smart eProcurement Platform Award.